Yard Spring Cleaning: Tidy Up and Fence In Your Yard

Posted on Jan 28 2016 - 12:00am by Home Gurus

Yard Spring CleaningYou have an excuse right now; it’s too cold to get out there and clean the yard. But when winter’s over and all the snow has melted, your dirty yard will keep you awake most nights. How in the world did it end up being so cluttered and overgrown at the same time? And why did you never fix that Volkswagen? Prioritize cleaning your backyard when spring comes and you’ll be thankful when it’s done.

Removing clutter and weeds

Overgrown weeds and several years’ worth of clutter will render your yard unrecognizable. Before attacking this uninviting chore, prepare yourself and what you need. Some stretching exercises are a must especially if you have to lift some things. Most of the tools you’ll need are the same you use for cleaning other parts of the house and for gardening. These include gloves, spades, goggles and a rake.

Set up a fence

A fence will make your yard look more inviting and safe once you’re done with the actual cleaning. It will also keep animals like stray dogs out so they won’t be causing a mess again. According to GreatFence.com, a DIY aluminum fence should do the trick.

What to do with the clutter

Throw out most of it if it belongs to the trash. But if there are items such as bicycles or even that Beetle, you can contact a junk yard and sell them. They can pick them up or tow them for you. Call your local garbage pickup to take out the rest of the clutter. If they have a set schedule, segregate the trash in proper bags and set them aside until the garbage truck arrives.

Get some help

Your kids can help you if there is no danger of snakes, spiders, or heavy, unstable objects that may fall on them. If it’s just cutting grass and raking leaves, it will be good exercise for them. If the job is too heavy for children, enlist the help of your spouse, friends or neighbors. Call them if they’re available.

Cleaning any area of your property deserves your time and effort. After all, it’s home and you’re supposed to take care of it the way it does you.