Why Electric Pool Heating Systems are a Good Choice

Posted on Mar 15 2018 - 9:51am by Home Gurus

Woman relaxing in a poolIf you want to make your swimming pool accessible in all types of weather, you may need to purchase a heating system. This helps you control the water temperature and make it suit your preferences. It makes swimming at night or during the winter more pleasant. It also makes the water more conducive to relaxation and calm.

There are many kinds of heating options for pools. You could choose gas, solar, electric, or water-source heat pumps. Though each of these has their pros and cons, more people are opting for electric heating systems for the following reasons.

They are Inexpensive

If you are considering the swimming pool heating options you have in Perth, you will realise that electric pumps are quite affordable. The price may vary depending on the size of the heating system, but they are still relatively lower in price than others.

They are Environmentally Friendly

Electricity is the cleanest mode of heating you can choose. It is efficient and does not emit any harmful or toxic gases as you would expect with a gas heating system. You will not worry about inhaling toxic substances, polluting the environment including the water.

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The Weather Has Less Affect On Electric Heat Pumps

The efficiency standard of an electric heat pump is quite high. In most weather conditions, you can expect the system to perform as it should. Electric heat pumps are reliable in almost all weather conditions.

Heat pumps initially take 24 hours to heat up the water in your pool but then it’s easy to maintain the required temperatures even on the coldest days.

To make the most of your heat pump, it’s crucial that you install it properly and carry out regular maintenance. Getting a professional pool heat pump installer will ensure the heating system is installed properly, which will prolong its durability and efficiency.