What Makes High Ceilings So Attractive?

Posted on Mar 13 2017 - 6:09pm by Home Gurus

High ceiling apartment
Luxury apartments are expensive. The majority of what make them costly are also the reasons people want to live in them. From the high-end furniture and convenient amenities to the vast floor space and high ceiling. What’s not to love?

For many home buyers, an apartment with an above-the-standard eight-foot ceiling is a definite selling point. But what makes a high-ceilinged apartment so desirable? For one, Lansing Apartments believes it adds character to a place. Here are more reasons.

Aesthetically Beautiful

Apartments with high ceilings are more expensive because they look better than rooms with low constricted ceilings. An elaborate research titled Architectural design and the brain: Effects of ceiling height and perceived enclosure on beauty judgments and approach-avoidance decisions showed that participants were more likely to judge spaces with high ceilings as more beautiful than rooms with lower ceilings.

Natural Love for Space

Just like an ample area, homeowners love high ceilings because of the extra space it offers. High ceilings promote visuospatial perception, according to a psychologist. Visuospatial perception helps us to accurately reach for objects and our ability to shift our gaze to different points in space.

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A Sense of Freedom

Research showed that there is a relation between high ceilings and people’s sense of freedom. According to neuroimaging, tall rooms trigger people’s tendency to think more freely, and as a result can help induce more positive feelings.

A More Creative Mind

An experiment showed that participants in a 10-foot room completed anagrams about freedom significantly faster than other members in an eight-foot room. The research also found that people in the high-ceilinged room performed better in other tests that require creative thinking.

Something is appealing about a high-ceilinged room that prompts people to spend more just to have it; the extra cost of adding a foot to a 4000- square-foot house is around $20,000.