Unpleasant Particle Residues, Color and Smell from Water Heater

Posted on Nov 21 2016 - 5:48am by Home Gurus

Water HeaterSometimes water particles appear in our water supply. It may also have an unusual color, taste or odor, in spite of our service provider’s regular water heater maintenance and repair all over Salt Lake City.

If that is the case, what then could be the cause of this water quality decline? Whatever that is, it’s in your water supply system. It can be the hoses, the water filter, or your water heater. If you think it is the heater, look for these signs.

Tiny, Oily Particles

It means the rubber in the hose that connects the heater to the main supply breaks down. Chlorine exposure can cause this over time.

Round, Sand-Like White/Tan Particles

These are particles formed from minerals and accumulate from the water heater. Heat can separate water from minerals and leave residues like white/tan particles.

Tiny, Floating White Particles

White particles, which vary in size and break easily, float because a plastic dip tube starts to disintegrate. It is an extension to the inlet of the water supply and allows cold water to enter the tank at the bottom.

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Green Water

High water temperature causes extreme copper plumbing corrosion. As a result, the water becomes green.

Taste Or Smell Like Sulfur, Rotten Egg Or Sewage

Bacteria can accumulate in the water because it is not in use for a long time, or if it is in low thermostat setting for a while.



  • Black rubber hose with water disinfection resistant lining, or a different style not made of black rubber.
  • Contact the manufacturer for a possible replacement of the old plastic dip tube.


  • Flush the water at least once a year to prevent particle clogging.
  • For unpleasant water smell, disinfect the water.


  • If right temperature setting doesn’t fix the green water problem, the problem could be your water circulating system. It may be due to incorrect installation or too small return line. Complex plumbing corrosion also needs a plumbing expert. One sign of it is your front house faucet brings clear water but in some areas don’t.

To know these signs is to have additional knowledge on water safety and maintenance of your heating system. Stay informed.

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