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A vinyl fence is an excellent addition to a modern home. Several homeowners are choosing vinyl fences because unlike wooden fences, vinyl fences are not...Continue reading »

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For a long time, aesthetics and functionality were mutually exclusive things. However, nowadays, homeowners can enjoy the privacy their fence provides alongside the flair of customization. They can experience different styles not just to create privacy but also to stand out. Most basic fence installations in Sarasota, for instance, will combine a cedar fence with a clean...Continue reading »

Homeowners install fences for different reasons. Some because swimming pool codes require homeowners to erect a barrier or demarcation fence around their...Continue reading »

People put up fences for different reasons. It may be to keep people or pets out, or to improve the curb appeal of the property. Fence panels are faster...Continue reading »

Funny how sometimes the law can be inconsistent. Take pool fencing. In Texas, the Health and Safety code includes details on pool enclosures. Other states...Continue reading »