Roof Inspection: What to Check

Posted on Apr 11 2018 - 1:46pm by Ann Gillispie

Workers fixing the roofProfessional roofers may have designed your roof to withstand the usual hail and sleet, but over time, these very elements can have their way. With the national average for repairing a roof standing at $774, with some high-end repairs going for $4,500, it’s worthwhile to foresee damage and stop it in good time.

If you want a guarantee that your roof is in perfect shape, you need to give it attention through regular inspection. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, you should perform these roofing checks in Fairfax at least bi-annually. But what exactly are you checking?

Roof decay

As you climb on the roof, one of your concerns should be whether the moss and mold have taken over. Underneath decay always exhibits this way. If the roof gives a spongy feeling, then you’re staring at decay. What’s equally worrying are soft spots on the roof.

Ice Damage

Ice settling on the roof can have serious consequences. Always check the overhangs and eaves for any water leakage signs. Skylights and dormers are also potential points for ice dam formation. The idea of this check is to eliminate all points where water may sit on the roof.

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Shingle Problems

Shingles can develop all sorts of problems from peeling and cracking to blistering and curling. You may also want to check for any missing shingles and replace them.


Flashings are those roof components put around chimneys, vent pipes, and dormers. These parts are prone to damage that can allow condensation on the interior. Damage will escalate quickly if left unchecked.

Others Checks

Any other sign of material damage or losing components should give the hint that your roof needs repair or even replacement depending on damage extent. Other signs to give attention are:

  • Debris on roof
  • Damaged chimney cap
  • Damaged chimney mortar
  • Cracked sealant
  • Loose gutters

Nothing does more justice to your roof than simple regular maintenance. However, if events beyond your control damage your roof, you may want to contact a professional roofer as soon as you can.