Quality Waterproofing Offers More Benefits Than You Expect

Posted on Jan 6 2017 - 6:25am by Home Gurus

WaterproofingWater seepage is a common problem in some older buildings, which often have dark cracks and mould growth. Waterproofed buildings, on the other hand, are more resistant to water and are stronger.

As a universal solvent, water is capable of dissolving a broad range of surfaces and substances. While this fact may benefit some sectors, it is this very characteristic of water that frightens building contractors. Water damage can affect the appearance and quality of concrete structures, leading to worse problems, such as structural deterioration and mould infestation. Repairing such issues can be very costly. Building developers turn to waterproofing professionals to avoid these problems.

So what can waterproofing do for you? Read on to find out.

Concrete structures become stronger and water-resistant

When you apply waterproofing solutions to your building, you make it impervious to water and add more strength to it. Because of this, its projected lifespan becomes longer due to the inability of water and moisture to infiltrate the insides of a concrete structure. As such, the risk of rotting and deterioration caused by water damage becomes lower. In Australia, waterproofing is a common practice among building contractors and developers.

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It prevents mould infestation

Aside from strengthening concrete structures, waterproofing can help prevent the growth of mould, which can cause health problems, such as allergic reactions, asthma, and weak immune system. In an unprotected concrete structure, ceiling and wall moisture can lead to mould or fungus infestation. Waterproofing prevents moisture build-up, hence, no place for these organisms to grow and multiply.

It increases the value of your property

When subjected to waterproofing solutions, your building will look good for longer. This increases the value of your property, allowing you to get the best deal in case you decide to sell or rent it out.

A building with a water damage issue is very difficult to maintain or sell, which is why waterproofing solutions must be implemented at the start of its construction. This preventive measure helps avoid structural damage and allows your building to maintain its structural integrity and overall aesthetics.