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A group of researchers found high levels of toxic heavy metals in a community garden in Vancouver. They warn what looks like a beautiful garden may still be contaminated. A series of tests were done to identify the metal contaminants present in the native soil from the community garden at Oak St. and 16th Ave. Results showed that the soil had high levels of lead and zinc. With concentrations reaching 219 parts per million (ppm), lead exceeds the standard set by the Canadian Council of Environment Ministers. According to experts, this discovery is important in educating...Continue reading »

Having an opportunity to visit the White House is a dream come true for many. Actors, sports icons, and musicians have been on the news shaking hands with the President. Now, people have more reasons to take a tour at the most secure house in the US. Gardeners from across the country visit the White House not only to see the President and his family, but also to take a closer look at the kitchen garden. The scenery amazed everyone. Visitors could hardly believe something as beautiful and green as the garden could ever exist in the White House. A Wonderful Experience It’s...Continue reading »