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Many people would want to try their hands on growing greens and turning them into a landscape, since having a wonderful garden has many benefits. Unlucky for many people, not everyone is given the gift of nurturing plants. Hiring a landscape artist or a gardener is tempting, but not half as satisfying. Fortunately, there are ways to cheat on growing your own garden as though you are pro. Some plants require the least care and can be cultured to imitate the famous Belvoir Castle and the Trebah Gardens in Cornwall. Here are some of them: 1....Continue reading »

Have you ever dreamed of living in Australia? Probably somewhere sunny with friendly people and great beaches? Then, the city of Perth may be the right one for you! The Isolated City “Perth has such a feeling of isolation” — Justin Vernon, the frontman of the American-indie band Bon Iver, was talking about the first track of their second album Bon Iver, Bon Iver. The ‘isolation’ is also very true for the city the song was named after, it is actually known as “the world’s most isolated continental capital city.”...Continue reading »

A messy garage is not just unsightly; it can also be dangerous. Garages are among the most common places for a fire to start. This is because most people keep flammable materials in these spaces. Items like gasoline, paint, oil, varnish, and car batteries, if not properly stored, can ignite a small spark that could get your house blazing instantly. These items, along with the clutter you have been hoarding over the years—boxes, barrels, bags, papers, and garments—are the perfect recipe for messy mishaps and fire accidents. So the question is this: is your messy garage...Continue reading »

Nothing feels like home. But of course, to have a place you can call home for life, you have to either buy one or build one. In most cases, people go for the latter – that’s because you have greater flexibility in what features or designs your property will have. Unfortunately, some fail to prepare for this and commit serious, potentially bank-breaking mistakes when building a home. The truth is you have to prepare for this process properly. More importantly, you have to be aware of how to keep the construction running smoothly. To help you do that, the commercial...Continue reading »

Preparing for the holidays isn’t just about wish lists or shopping Christmas presents for the loved ones and friends; it’s also the perfect time to give your house some much-needed makeover to make it holiday-and-guests-ready for that coming family reunion! What would the holidays be without family reunion? I don’t know about you, but family reunions do happen. We don’t know how the tradition started, but we can only tell you what to do in case you have relatives coming over for the holidays. It’s never too late to make your...Continue reading »

One way to make your house comfortable is through proper ventilation. Efficient heaters give warmth in winter nights and air conditioners provide coolness in summer afternoons. Although HVAC systems are constructed and designed with the same functions, the energy it consumes depends different factors. Some systems not only provide comfort, but also cost-effectiveness. For it to be cost-effective, it should deliver proficiency in power usage. Energy efficiency in HVACs can be achieved in many ways. Install the System Properly Make sure that your system is installed properly....Continue reading »

Decorating a home can be fun and exciting, especially for new couples who just moved in. With so many ways you can do to achieve the design you want for your home, things can become quite tricky, as well. The problem with most new homeowners is becoming a tad too excited. As a result, they usually end up buying the wrong items. Keep in mind that this task requires more time and research to achieve your goals successfully. It shouldn’t be just the output; consider your budget, as well. To help you out, here are some practical ways to...Continue reading »

A report from the National Gardening Association said more Americans are considering gardening as a good way to get healthy and locally produced food. A survey conducted by the association showed the number of households growing food at home or in a community garden has increased by 17% compared to five years ago. In 2009, 36 million families were growing their own food. This year, the number of households with backyard gardens rose to 42 million. Results of the survey also showed that one in three households is growing food or participating in community gardening programs. Increased...Continue reading »

Despite being hailed as the most expensive footbridge in the world, Thomas Heatherwick’s proposed £175 million Garden Bridge has gained approval from the Westminster Council. The 367-metre pedestrian bridge, which was conceived by actress Joanna Lumley, is set to span the River Thames between the South Bank and Temple Station. It will feature five linking gardens and two fluted piers supporting a promenade planted with trees. Most Expensive of Its Kind The rumors are true. BBC journalist Tom Edwards reported earlier today that the Garden Bridge would be the “most...Continue reading »

A boom in home repairs and improvement helps Lowe’s increase its profits by 17%, report from the company says. The retail home improvement and appliance store chain giant’s shares are trading near all-time highs as Wall Street bets. This year, Lowe’s stocks have soared almost 20%. What the Numbers Say Lowe’s released a report that shows how much their third quarter sales and earnings have increased. Their total sales were $13.7 billion, 5.6% higher than its sales last year, which amounts to $13 billion. Comparable store sales have increased by 5.1%. The company’s...Continue reading »