Improvement Ideas: Inspecting Your Old Property for Insulation

Posted on May 13 2016 - 3:30am by Home Gurus

Recreation Contractor in WyomingMost old houses have that one glaring problem: they lack insulation. You can’t blame the contractors that built them; after all, the houses have been standing for decades and the builders didn’t have the technology or materials they do now.

What to do with an old property

A house that lacks insulation has no energy efficiency. It’s quite uncomfortable to live in a house that’s too hot or too cold; it’s also possibly risky for your health. When heated or cooled air escapes, or when drafts come in through the seams, your air-conditioner or heating device has to work overtime. This does not only mean you’re paying more and are still uncomfortable; it also means your cooling or heating appliance is prone to breaking.

>So the first thing you should do is figure out what parts of the property need improvement or replacement. Examples of these areas are the attic, roof, and ventilation shafts, as well as your windows and doors.

Call a recreation contractor in Wyoming and discuss these problems with them. They may also find other problem areas that need correction. The basement, for example, may already be home to pests and mold due to the presence of moisture. Wherever moisture is present for a long time, mold and mildew are not far, and this does not bode well for the occupant's wellbeing.

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Parts of your house that may have to be changed

Your roof should not show shafts of light coming through when you’re inspecting in the attic. If it does, there are holes, which also means water has access to the beams, ventilation, etc. Rot may already be present if this is the case. The worst thing about water damage is it could find its way to the house’s foundation. When the foundation is damaged, you’ll be spending a lot more on repairs.

Aside from your roofing system, your windows may also need replacement. Modern dual-pane windows with wood or vinyl frames are a lot better than old ones. Even the old dual panes with only air between the plates of glass don’t do much for your insulation. You should also check the property's door for drafts, and of course for its looks. A battered door will always be unsightly even when you repair or repaint the walls and siding.

Talk to your contractor about payment options, especially if your property needs a lot of work. Call your insurance provider as well. Make sure that the work is covered by product and workmanship warranties.

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