Granny Flats: The Best Home for Your Senior Relatives

Posted on Apr 13 2018 - 1:00am by Ann Gillispie

seniors at homeMoving to a care home may be a normal part of getting older, but it’s not for everyone. Building a granny flat means your senior relative can stay closer to home and still enjoy some form of independence.

If your elderly relative is still active and wants to retain their independence, you can build a granny flat in your backyard that has all the accessibility and support equipment they need to remain independent.

Elderly Care Facilities

Though many older adults consider living in elderly care facilities, their families prefer their elderly relatives to stay near their family and friends. Though care facilities are a good alternative, some of these care homes may not be able to deliver everything that the patient requires. Some also could be limited by their finances, and so could not offer the quality your senior relative needs.

Granny Flats are a Happier Alternative

A granny flat is a happier alternative for seniors who don’t require 24/7 care. Granny flat builders can create a self-contained flat with all modern conveniences, attached to the main home. Your older elderly relatives can then enjoy their private space and independence while knowing that family are nearby should they suffer a fall or need assistance.

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Granny flats also have a financial advantage. They are a lot cheaper to build than the cost of institutional care. Many seniors are forced to sell their own homes and drain their life savings to pay for residential accommodation. Granny flats are affordable and allow families to stay together.

Lots of older adults are unhappy about moving to a residential home, as some of them feel anxiety when moving to a new place. Building a granny flat provides a home away from home, where relatives can help if needed.