For the Filipino Family, Ample is Comfortable

Posted on Jul 26 2016 - 1:00am by Home Gurus

Large HouseAsk people about what they want in life and expect the word mansion to pop out somewhere. 

No one can resist the idea of a big and beautiful home. Filipinos love the idea of living in a furnished house complete with a widescreen TV, centralized air conditioning, and maybe even a pool. In their opinion, the bigger the house, the better.

But is it really good for the close-knit Filipino family to live in a very large house?

Enough Space, Missing Members?

According to House and Lot for Sale, a local realtor, big houses come with plenty of benefits. Space is the top takeaway; no need to worry about cramped living or dining rooms. Everyone in the family’s got their own place.

If your family has three to four members, however, the dream of a mansion might not be your best bet.

A large space is beneficial, but when you rarely see the kids or your spouse, reconsider the big house plans. Given the ready availability of WiFi zones, some family members prefer snoozing in their rooms rather than have a chat. You’ll never know where they are since the house is too big.

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More Modest Space for More Bonding

Filipinos are famous for being family-centered. Unlike their Western counterparts, close relations with parents and the kids is a must—no matter what your age is. If you live in a house too big for your family, strengthening relationships can be a challenge.

A home with ampler space encourages more interaction among family members. Since everyone is within reach, talking and calling out is easier. A flight of stairs towards your child’s room won’t discourage some good heart to heart talks.

Before you make a purchase, consider the size of the home with your family. Bigger might be better, small has its perks, too.