Expanding the Family Home with a Lovely Deck

Posted on Mar 23 2017 - 8:18am by Home Gurus

Tiled RoofDecks with roofs: the perfect combination between the comfort and security of the indoors, and the freedom of the great outdoors. It makes a great extension for any property.

Decks, according to The Deck Master, improve your overall living experience. When you add a roof to the platform, you gain even more use out of the outdoor space.

Here’s a guide to help you get your roof deck right:

First Things First

For experienced deck builders, the deck roof design should factor in a reliable framework for both openness and intimacy purposes. For example, the addition of architectural elements, such as a brick fireplace, is a great reminder of both indoor and outdoor comfort.

Understanding your lifestyle is also essential during the design process. It will give your builder a better direction for what you need and want, and give you an idea of what to expect from the project.

Consider additional installations with both indoor and outdoor touches, too.

Think About the Design

Design is a valuable aspect of the deck roof project. How do you want it to look? How can it complement the rest of the house, and the overall style of the deck?

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Start by determining the deck’s main function. Is it for outdoor dining and barbecue parties? Or is it just for relaxation, reading a book and Sunday afternoon naps? When you know the main purpose of the space, you’ll have a better idea for its design.

The seating arrangement is also an important element when transforming the deck into a living space. Decks with roofing structure are perfect family spaces for games, conversation, or relaxation; having enough number of comfortable chairs can make the place look inviting.

The Bottom Line

Decks with roofs provide numerous benefits; one of them is unlimited possibilities that strike a balance between indoor and outdoor spaces. The addition of certain elements to the deck roof design creates a balance you and your family will enjoy.