Creating a Great Living Space with the Right Window Treatments

Posted on Nov 14 2018 - 1:00am by Ann Gillispie

Large windows in a house with window treatmentsWhile some people may think luxury shutters are superfluous, you need to trust your instinct on the need for custom window treatments. Other homeowners throw them in as an afterthought. Nevertheless, they should be part of a cohesive interior design, as a mistake could ruin the aesthetics you desire.

Here’s what you need to know about installing window shutters or any other window treatment in your home in Fair Haven, New Jersey:

Putting a room together

For window treatments to cut the glare adequately, they must filter sunrays. You can achieve it using various treatments, including shades, roller blinds, drapes, and shutters. A professionally designed room may be beyond your budget.

Nevertheless, you can pull it off with a few tips on hand. Simple yet sophisticated choices could give you the satisfaction of creating a room that regulates natural light effectively while allowing enough privacy.

Considering accurate measurements

Perhaps, one of the most neglected aspects of choosing window treatments is the measurement. Once you decide to take on the task, you must prepare the right tools. For inside-mounted shades and blinds, all measurements must be taken inside the window frame with the narrowest widths measured at the bottom, top, and middle. The longest lengths must be taken when measuring from the left and right sides.

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Outside-mounted shades and blinds require measurements to the end of the frame. The overlap must be accounted for in this type of window treatment.

Installing customized drapes

You may also take measurements for drapes, but there are other factors to consider, such as the fullness of the fabric. How do you want the drapes to appear while hanging? For best results, it’s ideal to hire a professional drapery installer. What could be more terrifying than to find out after spending hundreds of dollars that the drapes do not fit the windows perfectly?

The right window treatment will give your living space the look you desire. Consider hiring professionals for customized treatments if you are unsure of your measuring skills. This will help you avoid committing mistakes you can’t undo.