Categories of Salt-Free Water Softeners

Posted on Oct 23 2018 - 3:58am by Home Gurus

Water SystemYou have minimal control over the quality of the water you get in your property. Most areas with hard water have to contend with lime scale accumulation in their appliances, dry hair and skin and soap wastage since it is hard to lather. The ideal solution for these areas is a water softener.

Most people are however wary of the salts such as potassium and sodium chloride used in most salt-based systems. Fortunately, you now have a solution in a salt-free water softener from Bountiful’s Kinetico Utah for your property. Here are the new technologies used for salt-free water softening.

Electrically Induced Precipitation

This technique relies on direct electrical currents for precipitation of the compounds responsible for water hardness. The precipitate removed from the water is deposited on the electrodes used for precipitation.

Electrically induced precipitation thus requires periodic cleaning of the electrodes to remove the precipitate. Homeowners can also use fast-flowing water to wash away the precipitate.

Template-Assisted Crystallization

This technology uses resin beads which converts dissolved ions in hard water to microscopic crystals which are scale-resistant. The process starts with agitation of polymeric beads which causes a release of microscopic crystals. These crystals are insoluble and prevent scale formation in your water.

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Magnetic Treatment

In this option, hard water passes through a magnetic field to facilitate the formation of microscopic precipitates. These precipitates cause repulsion of the scale ions and formation of scale on your appliances. Magnetic softeners are typically used for small-scale water softening.

The above salt-free water softeners are also known as descalers or water conditioners. Unlike salt-based systems which remove magnesium and calcium ions responsible for water hardening, these systems reduce lime scale accumulation.

Salt-free water softeners have minimal maintenance and operation expenses, do not waste water and the water they generate does not have a ‘slippery’ feel. They are however not very efficient for water softening in appliances which store water like water heaters.