Cabin Kit Ideas: Earning Extra from Your Empty Lot

Posted on Feb 8 2017 - 4:53pm by Home Gurus

Empty LotOwning an extra lot elsewhere is often an overlooked source of income. Take advantage of your open lot and build something that pays you back. You don’t even need to spend a fortune to earn from this project.

Vacation Home – If your lot far away from the city, it’s best to take advantage of the unique location. Build any of the more modern cabin kit dwellings available and see to furnishing it with the typical comforts of city life. However, use a more rustic country design to go with the area’s theme. You can offer renters total privacy while they enjoy their remote abode. People will pay good money for a chance to stay away from the stress and bustle of daily life while still enjoying certain comforts like Wi-Fi and television.

Studio/Office – A cabin doesn’t always have to be just for living in. It could become an office or art studio for a few hours, days, or even a week’s lease. Gauge your local communities for what kind of client would most likely rent temporary space. You can add specific office or art studio features that can be selling points to your target market. This is quite popular with people who need to work outside of home or office but can’t stand cafes.

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Student Home – If your location is near a college or university, take advantage of and rent your cabin out to students. Some students find the dorm life inconceivable, but they still need to find a place to stay because their residences are miles away from school. You can offer your cabin for two or more students so they can share the rent. Just be clear and fair about house rules and penalties, especially since they can get too busy with school to worry about domestic details.

Cabin living isn’t just for pensioners and retirees. Take advantage of the many people that need a place to stay outside of their families’ homes. Remember, there will always be a willing buyer if you sell it right.