3 Easy but Amazing Ways to Makeover Your Home’s Exterior

Posted on Mar 31 2016 - 1:00am by Home Gurus

Home Exterior in PerthWhen it comes to home improvement projects, many people think that these require a lot of money, which is why many Australians put off such activities or do not think about them at all. However, there are actually many ways you can improve your home without having to create a big dent on your wallet or savings account. Improving your home, even on a budget, can turn it into a more beautiful, comfortable, and functional dwelling.

Start with your home’s exterior. This way, when you go home after a long, hard day at work, the first thing you will see is a beautiful façade.

1. Set up energy-efficient lighting.

Thanks to improvements in lighting technology, you will now find plenty of energy-efficient lighting products that can quickly boost curb appeal. When you set up the right lighting in the right places, it can illuminate your home’s façade and showcase its exterior, including your lush garden, relaxing patio, and well-kept driveway.

Also, lighting plays a major role in home security. Thieves and burglars love the dark and shadows, so having lights – energy efficient but bright ones – will make your home less attractive to these criminals.

2. Green up your soil.

An ugly or unkempt garden or lawn defeats the purpose of your exterior lighting, so start sowing. Of course, you can always do your own gardening, but experts like Gardeners-perth.com.au can give you tips on how to quickly set and green up your soil. They can assist you in making the right choices when it comes to choosing the right plants, flowers, and trees for your garden or lawn. They can also play a major role in the maintenance and upkeep.

3. Change, fix, or replace your hardware.

Things like corroded mailboxes, rotting fences, and draughty windows can quickly drop your home’s value because they make your home appear in disrepair. Nowadays, the market is filled with eco-friendly, affordable hardware, so shop around so you can start changing, fixing, or replacing those that need to.

There are many other aspects of your home’s façade that you can improve even on a budget, but you can start with the three above.