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Molds in your air ducts could spell huge trouble for your household later on. A thorough cleaning must be implemented as soon as you see or smell the first signs of their presence. The spores can easily spread to other places of the house through the HVAC system. What do you do when an expert tells you there is black mold or other species cohabitating with the family?...Continue reading »

Everyone loves holiday decorations; they not only beautify homes but also light the holiday mood. Improper installation of holiday decorations can also be dangerous, and you need to observe safety installation measures. Holiday décor is also incomplete without lighting tree but there are few things to consider before doing so, especially for municipal use of Christmas...Continue reading »

There was a time when young families with average salaries shopped for a small first house in a reasonably priced neighborhood. The notion of a “starter...Continue reading »

Management Rights, otherwise known as Management and Letting Rights is a legal business model popular in Australia. With the tourism industry booming in...Continue reading »

Home ownership is not a viable option for you now. You choose to rent because the long-term financial commitment does not work for your current income....Continue reading »

Windows make any room of the house better because it can let fresh air and natural light in. However, you also need to use window treatments to cover your...Continue reading »

For the majority of homeowners in Park City, the boiler is at the top of the list of the most important equipment. But it is also a high consumer of energy....Continue reading »

Home is where the heart is, they say, and it’s true. Wherever you feel the most comfortable, where you feel loved and understood, where you feel like you truly belong, where you’re happy — that’s home. Here’s another saying: life is short. So why deprive yourself of a great human experience if you can do something about your situation? Case...Continue reading »

Basement waterproofing can be done in several ways. I bet by now you have come across numerous solutions from different companies on the TV. Unfortunately,...Continue reading »