Why a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection is a Must

Posted on Sep 25 2015 - 3:41am by Home Gurus

buildingBuying a property, whether it’s a one-storey house or a duplex, is a serious business. It’s something you should not take lightly to avoid lifelong regrets. To make sure that the property you’re going to purchase is your ideal home, you have to hire a property inspection officer.

Don’t worry getting some professional help is not a sign of weakness. It may seem a time-consuming task, but a pre-purchase building inspection is essential. Here’s why:

To Find Structural Problems

A thorough home inspection must examine the foundation, roofing, exterior walls and grading slope. Doing so allows you to check for evidence of structural issues. As HouseCalls explains, “For some people, buying a house is as easy as A-B-C. In Australia, particularly in the area of Perth, it is highly recommended to hire such kind of professional. A property inspection expert or a professional home inspector will be the one to do all the assessment to assure you that you will be settling down in a house that is still conducive for residency. This is actually just an option. But, it is an option that you shouldn’t overlook.”

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To Determine Unsafe Areas

Another reason to get a building report is to figure out the unsafe areas of a property. When buying a house, you want to be sure that it’s ready for your family to live in. That means no plumbing issues, dangerous materials, cracks in walls and faulty electrical wiring. It’s best to invest in a building inspection to identify if the home is safe. Determining the possible hazards can give you the opportunity to decide if you’re willing to spend on repairs. When looking at the property, look for an indication of substandard workmanship and unauthorised modifications.

As the house ages, so does the building materials. Bear in mind that a pre-purchase building inspection is not just a way to reduce repair costs, it is also a life saver.