Tips for Problem-Free Pool Ownership

Posted on Apr 8 2016 - 4:36am by Home Gurus

Custom Pools in Salt Lake CityIt is perhaps exciting to build a new pool at home. And while a new swimming pool certainly improves your home’s value and aesthetic appeal, construction mistakes and the hassles of ownership may have a significant contribution to your problems in the end. This can be truer if you do not completely understand what it takes to own a swimming pool or are unprepared for potential pool problems.

Decide What Pool to Get

In Salt Lake City, for instance, newly constructed swimming pools are classified into two main types: aboveground and underground. While the latter is cheaper and faster to install, it may not be an appealing addition to your backyard. On the other hand, an underground pool may be a better option because it lasts for a long time and comes in a wide array of styles and materials.

Know Your Purpose

Consider your purpose when choosing the type of pool to get. For example, if you are buying a pool for entertainment, then build one that is not too deep. A shallow part should be available for the kids, too. Now, if a pool is for physical therapy, then it should be long enough for swimming laps.

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Choosing the Right Developer Matters A Lot

New pool construction has its risks, and one way you can minimize the risks is by getting the right developer. You may want to avoid developers who do not have accreditation and insurance. It also pays to know whether the developer has subcontractors and that the subcontractors are licensed.

Personally visit pools for sale and builders. Compare before you decide. Do not forget to ask about electrical and plumbing requirements and installation, agreement on damages to property, and other important information.

Don’t Forget about Cost of Ownership

You spent a large sum for the new pool. But it just does not end there. Pool accessories like filters, water pump, and ladders can be quite expensive. And if you have children around, you will also need to invest on dependable pool fences.

Maintenance cost and cleaning expenses are a different story and are actually a year-round responsibility. Therefore, prepare by factoring in energy usage and water consumed to keep pool water full, as well as the cost of cleaning tools and materials.

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Knowing what it takes to choose, build, and own a pool do not entirely free you from the hassles and unwanted expenses of ownership. However, you would less likely encounter bigger problems if very careful considerations were made right from the start.