The Comeback of the Granny Flat for Seniors

Posted on Apr 11 2018 - 1:00am by Ann Gillispie

Cabin flatsMany elderly care facilities are under intense scrutiny as an audit by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency revealed shortcomings due to understaffing, which affected patients’ special care needs and medication management.

Though many ensure that best practices and quality of service will be observed in the future, many are still struggling with the effects of the Agency’s review, as relatives and family are rethinking of sending their senior relatives in such facilities.

A Happy Alternative

Keeping an elderly relative close to home is a much happier alternative. For seniors who still enjoy independence but need some extra support, granny flats provide a happy alternative.

A granny flat is a self-contained property, which can be built separately or adjoining the main home. It will have a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living area, yet be reassuringly close if help with cooking or bathing is needed.

These secondary suites can also be built to accommodate wheelchairs and fitted with call alarms. This enables other family members to stay close by and assist if needed but also give their relatives the dignity and freedom that comes from having their own home.

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The Benefits of Granny Flats

Many families are now considering granny flats as possible alternatives to elderly care and supported living facilities. These flats are significantly cheaper than the average nursing care facility. These can help seniors save their money for more important things such as checkups and medication.

Their friends and family also benefit from having their aged parents nearby. They worry less and could visit their relatives more often. Many cite that their anxiety and stress over a sick relative lessens when they live nearby.

Secondary suites are an easy way to allow a senior to live with their family instead of an institutionalised setting. For many older adults and their families, it is the best choice especially with the current worries shadowing senior care facilities.