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The sight of a lovely house with an equally beautiful, well-manicured lawn creates a positive picture about your home. More than increasing the curb appeal,...Continue reading »

Apart from being unsightly, molds can also compromise your and your family’s health. Those black spots on the shower curtains and fuzzy white patches...Continue reading »

The Reserve Bank of Australia has raised its warning on a potential oversupply in apartments in Brisbane and Melbourne, despite saying that the Australian...Continue reading »

Selling a property can be a time-consuming and challenging process. You have to find interested buyers, they have to agree on the asking price, and subsequently...Continue reading »

Once your family starts growing, the requirement for space also increases. You need separate rooms for your children, a study for yourself, and a library...Continue reading »

When a heat wave hits your area this summer, is your home ready for the pounding heat? Extremely high temperatures can stress the system so that it can...Continue reading »

A functional kitchen is a safe place to work in. Keeping your kitchen functional may also lessen your time and effort whenever you have to cook and prepare...Continue reading »

The penthouse has a reputation steeped in luxury because most people only know penthouses from the movies, where this top part of a hotel, condo or apartment...Continue reading »

You have an excuse right now; it’s too cold to get out there and clean the yard. But when winter’s over and all the snow has melted, your dirty yard...Continue reading »

Balustrades are now considered a must have for many homes. Not only have they evolved from being a simple architectural component; they now play many...Continue reading »