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You may have been living in your house for many years now, and you might have begun to feel that everything has shrunk. Suddenly, your house is no longer big enough for you, and you feel the need to get some extra space. The first thing that will come to your mind might be the need to move out. But, you’ll have to think twice. Why Not Move Out? There are many advantages to moving out. You get to look for the house of your dreams in a brand new neighbourhood. Of course, you also get to choose a house that has a lot more room than the...Continue reading »

Your house is vibrant, appealing and relaxing during the day, but when the night begins, it seems like it becomes haunted. Perhaps the creaking door and squealing stairs have convinced you that your place is spooky. That may be too much of an exaggeration, but many homeowners experience the same. Like it or not, every home can make strange noises. You can blame the weather, but it is not always the culprit. The explanation is probably simpler than what you think. Rattling Sound in the Bathroom If you often hear this sound whenever you...Continue reading »

Home renovations are rife in Australia, and from what experts are telling, it’s only going to keep up in the coming months. This means more homeowners will want to take on reno projects to get their house just right. As with many projects, success in home renovation starts with some research. This means looking into lessons learned in the past, be it in the mistakes or successes of other home renovators before you. With that, here are the top must-know lessons you can learn from other renovators, from both the professionals and the DIYers. Decisions...Continue reading »

During the summer, it’s understandable that most air conditioning systems will find it hard to cope with the heat. The big, centralised ones are struggling to last days without malfunctioning, so what could possibly happen to the small ones installed in houses? The truth is, people flock to beaches or anywhere cool enough for them to stop sweating, or swearing. The best thing for everyone is to get preventive services from HVAC repair companies. Fortunately, they don’t choose what they work on; whether it’s a split-type AC or a Fujitsu...Continue reading »

The kerb appeal is not the only factor to consider in the value of a property. Whilst it is certainly important to take this into account, other architectural elements come into play too. The additions you invest in and the repairs you make all have a say in how much you can sell your house. In many cases, homeowners forget one important factor: residential flooring. The type of floor in every room and the number of times you have repaired it matter, too. Long-term Contribution to Property Value Flooring has a long-term impact on the overall...Continue reading »

Air quality inside the home is not just about having the right HVAC system. It’s also about keeping your interiors clean and sanitized. So, if you smell something funky, musty, or any aroma that isn’t supposed to be there, it’s best to deal with it immediately. The first step to improving indoor air quality is identifying the source. Something Burnt If the air inside your home smells of burnt wood, ash, smoke, or something similar, it could mean there’s a concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) somewhere indoors. In...Continue reading »

More and more people are redesigning their home fencing systems, availing fencing slats instead. Slat fencing uses a variety of otherwise common, but durable materials in order to set the boundaries of an enclosure, playpen, garden, yard or any outdoors area of your house. Aluminum slat fencing is but one example of fence slats — there are also plastic and wood options for homeowners who prefer that kind of material. Evenly spaced and installed vertically, slat fencing adds a touch of elegance and beauty to any backyard, while simultaneously...Continue reading »

Choosing the right type of fence for your pool can be more difficult than you think. It’s really not as simple as just picking what looks good and going with it. There are many other factors to consider, such as durability and functionality. shares a handy guide to the different fencing options below: Brick fencing. The main advantages of brick fencing are that it’s durable, resistant to damage, and long-lasting. It’s a good option for covering large or in-ground pools, or any large enclosed space. Brick fencing...Continue reading »

Living the suburban lifestyle in Perth is quite comfortable. The mild weathers are certainly relaxing, while the spacious houses and backyards are perfect for raising a family. With these conveniences, however, come a few responsibilities – that is, maintaining a household. Here are a few pointers to help you in this endeavour. Keep Things Neat and Clean Regularly clean your house and keep it clean. To enforce this, start by having a no-shoes policy for everyone who enters your home. This will control the amount of dirt that enters your...Continue reading »

How are you going to change the ambiance of your home to reflect the trendy looks of 2015? Start by adding touches of the Colour of the Year – Marsala. It’s a reddish brown colour named after a wine produced in the Italian city of Marsala in Sicily. This colour enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. The choice for the Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in varied industries – manufacturing, product branding, graphic, fashion, home and industrial design. Here are...Continue reading »