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Size is a matter of perception if you think about it. In measurement, your floor area may be lacking. To the naked eye, it’s all about the space. People visiting your house do not carry around measuring tapes to make sure your house is big; it can be easy to trick people into thinking you are living at above average living space. Here are some tricks to achieve this illusion of space: Interior A clean room is a spacious room. Clutter takes up space, which you can use to move around. The more clutter there is in a room, the more suffocating...Continue reading »

In the last few decades, water pollution has become an ever growing concern. And this has now crept a lot closer to home, as water contamination has now become an even bigger risk. So, how do you make sure your home water is free of pollutants? Here are some pointers. Inside Your Home You might not easily notice it, but a large number of water pollutants can be found right inside your house. Items like paints and cosmetics contain harmful chemicals that can easily mix with water that are then flushed down the drains. On the other hand,...Continue reading »

In just a few months, Salt Lake City will be experiencing winter. And with this comes the extremely cold temperature. Of the many challenges the cold season brings, some of them involve problems with your plumbing system. So many homes have been flooded due to a burst pipe, which in turn may have been caused by freezing. Burst Pipe Can Happen Anytime One of the most common plumbing problems any household may encounter is a burst pipe. This can be distressing and inconvenient for everyone involved with keeping your things safe from water...Continue reading »

Kitchen clean-ups are often a task that anyone would avoid. What they do not realise is that neglecting this part of the home may bring more than just a messy space. There are many reasons to clean your kitchen, and this includes the health of your household. You do not have to make kitchen clean-ups too much of a chore; simple maintenance can go a long way. Here are a few ideas to get you started: Stove or Oven From the observation of a food equipment specialist, the stovetop or oven can get dirty with daily use. While it may be simple...Continue reading »

One of the things that make relocating to new homes easy is a moving kit. Nonetheless, this kit is also helpful in camping, outdoor holidays and other tasks. As such, you need to fill your kit with the right materials. As Bar Services explains, different kits suit different functions. Here are 10 items you should include in your moving kit:BeddingsInclude a bed sheet, a blanket and a pillow for each family member for a good night’s sleep on your first day at your new home.Towels and toiletriesThe house might not be ready...Continue reading »

How easy is it to install window shutters? Generally, it’s considered moderate in terms of difficulty level. Experts can complete the job in one to two hours for each set. Below is a brief overview of how professionals in Perth install a window shutter: 1. They take measurements of the window opening. They measure the top, middle and bottom parts between the window jambs using a folding ruler. 2. They prepare the shutters. It’s the part of the job where the installer makes sure that one set of shutter will open right and the other...Continue reading »

Farming is more than just growing things. It is a business – one that takes a lot of patience and passion to really get a farm going. If you can’t see yourself doing monotonous work for the next several years then farming may not be for you. What else should you consider before starting a farm? Match Land with Crops and Animals You can’t just buy a piece of land then grow whatever you want. Not all crops grow in any type of soil or any kind of climate. It’s important to know the land and what is suited for it before jumping in...Continue reading »

For people thinking of selling their home in Perth, WA, don’t forget the repairs or replacements that need to be done. There may be some broken water pipes, broken areas of the floor or even a leaky old roof. The broken components in the house bring the value of your property down. To raise that value, you have to take necessary repairs. Weak against the Elements This is especially true with older or broken roofs. Along with other damages, damaged roofs can devalue your home. Even if you’re keeping your home, a damaged roof can pose...Continue reading »

Ice dams are not only unsightly; they can cause significant damage to your roof and home as well. Getting rid of one as soon as possible should come as a top priority for homeowners. Removing a dam, however, is quite challenging. Good thing there are several methods that you can apply. Just exercise caution. The Heat Tape Technique Trying to pry a wall of ice off the roof gutter is not advisable without the proper tools. You can damage your roof and it requires much physical force, which increases the likelihood of you slipping off the...Continue reading »

Buying a property, whether it’s a one-storey house or a duplex, is a serious business. It’s something you should not take lightly to avoid lifelong regrets. To make sure that the property you’re going to purchase is your ideal home, you have to hire a property inspection officer. Don’t worry getting some professional help is not a sign of weakness. It may seem a time-consuming task, but a pre-purchase building inspection is essential. Here’s why: To Find Structural Problems A thorough home inspection must examine the foundation,...Continue reading »