Live Like you’re in The Mediterranean with These Style Tips

Posted on Feb 26 2016 - 4:39am by Home Gurus

Living in Mediterranean StyleMediterranean style is the epitome of the perfect design melting pot — from Italy and Greece, to Spain and France, and other countries fringing the Mediterranean Sea, gathering different style inspirations of each as they go. Evocative and distinct, this style offer hints of Spanish splendor, Moorish grace, French sophistication, Italian tradition, Grecian comfort, and many more. 

For a home that’s as Mediterranean as can be, consider these design ideas from Uber Doors.

Texture Everywhere

In Mediterranean style abodes, Venetian plaster and Stucco reigns supreme. Consider using drywall or plain plaster and to get that perfectly and naturally textured illusion through the rag-rolling painting technique.

Letting Outside Colors In

A Mediterranean style home uses color from the sea and surrounding land such as different blue hues, earthy and toasty browns and oranges, dusky lavenders, muted and warm yellows. It is evocative of balmy evenings and sunny days mixed with slightly sticky and salty sea air. Soft, warm colors blend well with bolder hues for a stunning contrast.

All in the Detailed Tilework and Metalwork

Tiles, whether for flooring, roofing, of walls, are a signature element of Mediterranean style homes. Bathe your walls with colorful tile mosaics, use tile to outline arches or as your kitchen backsplash, or prop some tiles on an easel or simply hang them as you would a picture frame. Don’t forget to bring in rich, dark metals including wrought iron, copper, and bronze through your hardware, railings, and fixtures. Go for hammered or punched styles for some added depth.

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Oversized, Sturdy Furnishings

There’s no room for petite and dainty furnishings here because it’s all about presence and comfort in the Mediterranean home. Wide seating, broad tabletops, chunky, sturdy legs and bases, and tall bookshelves or cases combine to suit the region’s potent and unique sights, sounds, and flavors. Opt for distressed and carved details on dark wood instead of plain and light wood.

Outdoor Living

If you really want to be transported to the Mediterranean even if your home is in a landlocked area, warm up your patio or porch with spicy, yet cozy touches. Sturdy outdoor furniture, whitewashed, textured walls, lanterns, and even a small fountain or pond. Don’t forget to incorporate colorful plants and flowers.

Remember, a Mediterranean style home is sort of having a home in the Mediterranean and feeling that relaxed, cool, and laid back vibe wherever your home may be. And while it’s striking and bold, its relaxed elegance keeps it from coming across as gaudy or overly extravagant.