Have a Smooth Move: Different Types of Moving Services

Posted on Mar 2 2018 - 7:59am by Home Gurus

workers unloading boxes for moving serviceMoving from one place to another is both exciting and stressful. After all, packing those boxes only to unpack them again once you arrive at your destination is something no one wants to imagine doing. But it is something you have to do, not to mention the transportation and travel itself.

Luckily, moving companies in Riverside, California offer various types of services for different people who have different needs. Below are some types of moving services one can choose from.

According to Kind of Service

  • Full. For homeowners who value convenience, this type of service is the best for you. Full moving services would include packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking them once you reach your destination. As a homeowner, you do not need to do anything but observe.
  • Partial. This often includes loading, transport, and unloading of your things to your new home. Packing and unpacking your goods will be your responsibility as a homeowner.

According to Distance

  • Local. If you are moving from one city to another, then a moving company that offers local services will be the best choice as they often provide the best price.
  • Interstate. Because the destination is farther, your chosen moving company should have the permit to move and drive from one state to another and operate in the said area. Interstate moves are obviously more costly than local ones because of the distance it covers.
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According to Type of Storage

  • Standard. Some homeowners choose to send their things in storage spaces, especially if their new place will not have enough space for all of their items. Your moving company can bring your things in a storage facility if instructed to.
  • Portable. Portable storage containers delivered to your doorsteps are increasingly becoming popular because of the convenience it brings.

What type of moving services do you think is the best one for you? Consult with your moving company if you are still in doubt.