Establishing a Green Lush Lawn

Posted on Mar 22 2017 - 5:36am by Home Gurus

House with a Clean LawnThe sight of a lovely house with an equally beautiful, well-manicured lawn creates a positive picture about your home. More than increasing the curb appeal, a lush lawn forms a serene atmosphere around your home. The environmental benefits of having a well-cared lawn are often understated.

Turf grass is the most common strain of lawn grass. It boasts a considerable ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Therefore, having a nice spread in your front yard entitles you to copious amounts of fresh air. However, to get the best result from your lawn, you need to adhere to few factors that underlie success.

Ensure proper site preparation

In most cases, the home construction process leaves your compound bare and in shambles. As a result, you need to go the extra mile to get the grounds ready for planting. You need to carry out a soil test to learn of any amendments necessary for a flourishing lawn.

Heavy construction equipment compacts the soil, making it hard for roots to penetrate the soil strata. You need to loosen the soil before sowing the best blend of grass seed. Be sure to follow the recommend spacing ratio when planting for the best results. Good watering routine, usually one inch per week, ensure the formation of deep roots.

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Have proper lawn care routine

Your care routine bears considerable influence on the ability to derive environmental benefits from your lawn. With the help of a lawn mowing service in Minneapolis MN, you can keep the air around your home fresh and clean. An expert service clips the grass at the right length follows proper watering and fertilizer application routine. Improper care promotes the growth of weeds and pest infestation, making it necessary to use harsh chemicals. Such solutions cancel out any environmental benefits in addition to increasing the cost of lawn care.

Establishing a beautiful lawn takes a considerable amount of skill and effort. Luckily, you can achieve an exceptional result by retaining the services of an expert.