Creating a Safer Home Starts with Door and Window Security

Posted on Mar 7 2018 - 1:33am by Home Gurus

View of house from the streetYour home is supposed to be one of the safest, most secure places for you and your loved ones. It protects you from outdoor elements — in particular, inclement weather — and basically gives your entire family a comfortable, cozy, and warm living environment.

Keep in mind, though, that certain areas of your home can just as quickly give rise to safety and security hazards. Poorly-maintained, incorrectly-installed, and low-security doors and windows can all pave the way for other factors, especially criminals, to make your home less safe and secure than it should be.

With Michigan’s crime rate, it’s vital to address these safety and security risks ASAP.

Updates can make a huge difference

So long as you choose an experienced window and door company to install security updates, you could already make a big difference in the overall safety of your home. Nowadays, you’ll find such products to come with tamper-proof features, making them extremely difficult to break.

For instance, quality modern windows have glazing components that increase their breaking point. This means it will take a lot more for a burglar or a thief to shatter them.

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Additional hardware will break-in proof your home

When upgrading your doors and windows, you don’t necessarily have to change all of them just to feel and be more secure. You have the option to install additional hardware on them, including new bolts and locks as well as high-end multi-point locking systems.

Installing these can already contribute to your goals of creating a more break-in-proof home. Making your home less attractive to criminals and keeping it safe from debris sent flying by inclement weather is attainable, so long as you take the time to make the right additions and upgrades.