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You have the plumbing system of your Salt Lake City home to thank for the clean, refreshing liquid you can drink, the water that allows you to have freshly...Continue reading »

Summertime means higher energy costs. When the mercury rises, our air conditioners tend to work harder and longer. And while there are a few ways to stay...Continue reading »

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Deciding to live an eco-friendly lifestyle can mean changing more than your mindset. In the end, if you intend to make a difference, there would be some...Continue reading »

While buying and installing a programmable, programmable smart, thermostat might alleviate your HVAC bills, nothing has a profound impact than replacing...Continue reading »

Building a home isn’t just about the house itself. You also need to consider other factors like the outdoors, security and making sure it’s...Continue reading »

There is much discussion about how people are living in smaller homes. But then, these discussions tend to refer to young professionals and not growing families. In the past several years, expanding families are almost ‘forced’ to live in smaller homes, doing whatever it takes to squeeze into every bit of living space. With house prices rising, families are...Continue reading »

There was a time when young families with average salaries shopped for a small first house in a reasonably priced neighborhood. The notion of a “starter...Continue reading »

Windows make any room of the house better because it can let fresh air and natural light in. However, you also need to use window treatments to cover your...Continue reading »

If you have a fuzzy ball of joy living in your home, then you might want to consider them when picking out a carpet. Usually, the important factors to...Continue reading »