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Apart from being unsightly, molds can also compromise your and your family’s health. Those black spots on the shower curtains and fuzzy white patches...Continue reading »

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Water damage is one of the worst experiences you can ever have, not just because they can put a serious toll on the structural integrity of your home,...Continue reading »

The Reserve Bank of Australia has raised its warning on a potential oversupply in apartments in Brisbane and Melbourne, despite saying that the Australian...Continue reading »

Barn doors are becoming increasingly popular these days. Apart from giving off that vintage or country home vibe, these sliding doors are great space savers...Continue reading »

Molds in your air ducts could spell huge trouble for your household later on. A thorough cleaning must be implemented as soon as you see or smell the first signs of their presence. The spores can easily spread to other places of the house through the HVAC system. What do you do when an expert tells you there is black mold or other species cohabitating with the family?...Continue reading »

For the majority of homeowners in Park City, the boiler is at the top of the list of the most important equipment. But it is also a high consumer of energy....Continue reading »

Basement waterproofing can be done in several ways. I bet by now you have come across numerous solutions from different companies on the TV. Unfortunately,...Continue reading »

Marble countertops, glass fronted drawers and a pantry that can keep the freshest ingredients – who wouldn’t want these in their own kitchen? It’s...Continue reading »