Beauty AND Functionality—There’s no OR in Office Design

Posted on Aug 12 2016 - 8:43am by Home Gurus

Office Interior DesignWhoever said it’s easy to design the office interior is kidding themselves. The entire ordeal doesn’t just involve a splash of paint or new chairs — it’s all about creativity, coordination, and balance.

Some people think good-looking offices rely solely on aesthetics. Functionality, they say, takes a back seat because employees already have to work every day. But if you want a design that motivates everyone to work harder, strike a balance.

Consider Employee Needs

From the right furniture to the wall color,, a workplace furniture specialist, recommends gathering input from employees first. Like any good designer, consider the person who comes into the space every day.

Some employees might insist on the ‘wow’ factor; keep in mind that this isn’t always the case. Just because something goes perfectly with a design doesn’t mean it’s comfortable for them. For example, that pretty office chair looks good with the aesthetics, but if it results in back aches, it’s not worth it.

Key Factors of the Design Process

The secret to great design lies in organized programming. This strives to understand the challenges your employees face with the current space. It also builds good connections with the staff as well as pinpoints their particular needs.

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Prioritizing employee needs is often the driving factor behind most of today’s designs. Taking note of the latest trends result in innovative offices, but if you go overboard, it might compromise their performance. Before you start designing, survey what the current space lacks. As a result, you have a functional and productive work environment.

This re-emphasizes the analysis of your employee’s existing space. Research plays a role in the creative process. You want success at the end of the day, so mind every little detail.

Implementing a new design comes with numerous measurable results. When you strike the balance between aesthetics and functionality, your office employees will appreciate the change, as well as work harder.