4 Tips to Transform Your Basement Overnight

Posted on Feb 26 2018 - 1:09pm by Home Gurus

At the house balconyMany homeowners hardly use the basement of their homes. Owing to neglect, the space is usually dark, damp and unwelcoming. Yet with a little bit of remodeling, this extra space can be reclaimed into a cozy space you and your family members will love to spend more time in. Here are tips to go about it.

Repair or replace the walls.

After years of neglect, it’s normal to have the paint peeling off or mold growing on the walls of your basement. Talk to a basement foundation contractor such as Van Matre Construction, LLC to find out the best way to handle the situation. Based on the state of the space, they may recommend that you start by restoring the integrity of the walls and foundation. That may call for restructuring and repainting before you do anything else.

Light up the room.

Most basements only have a few windows or none at all. But no one wants to spend time in a dark place, so creatively choose light fixtures to enhance visibility. Try to be as creative as possible by mixing different designs for both your overhead lights and lamps. When used properly, lights can affect the atmosphere of a space significantly.

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Insulate the space.

Temperatures inside your basement can be very cold because of moisture. It is advisable to install an HVAC system, but if you are looking to save on your heating and cooling bills, then opt for insulation. A specialist should be able to tell you how to insulate the space based on the geographical location of your home.

Use colors appropriately.

Based on the purpose you intend the basement room to serve, choose the right colors for the wall and ceiling. For instance, if you’re going to use the space as an extra bedroom, then opt for warm, cozy colors.

You may not realize the full potential of your basement until you start to take more interest in it. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can transform it into one of the most inviting, invaluable spaces in your home.