4 Exterior Home Spring Cleaning Tasks You Need to Do

Posted on Mar 21 2017 - 1:00am by Home Gurus

A family happily cleaning the garage outAh, spring. For students, it means freedom and trips to the beach. For many adults, it means spring-cleaning. During this annual major cleaning fest, do not forget to pay attention to some of the home external repairs you might be forgetting all year round. Here are some of them.

Get that garage door fixed

A broken or faulty garage door can mean a lot of trouble. It does not make sense to leave it that way given that a garage door repair company in Utah is just one call away. First, it can lead to avoidable accidents among your family members. Second, it can be a way for burglars to get inside your house.

Spring is the best time to get it done because your garage would see increased action in the summer with all the gardening and other DIY home repairs you will do.

Address those chips and cracks in the driveway

Chips and cracks in your driveway are not only unattractive; they can also be accident hazards. While there are many DIY solutions to fixing cracks in the driveway, consider hiring the pros. DIY can only go so far if you have the right tools, know-how, and experience.

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Fix any winter damage in your external water sources

The cold winter months can do a lot of damage in your external water supply. The damage can wreak havoc comes spring and summer. If you are having water supply issues, check your external hoses and faucets for winter damage and get it fixed immediately.

Retire your old fence

If your current fence has seen better days, consider getting it replaced. This is especially true if you are sharing fences with your neighbors. Broken fences are not only accident hazards but damaged, dirty and worn out fences can tell burglars that nobody’s home.

When it comes to spring-cleaning, do not just focus on purging your homes for stuff you no longer need. Make sure you pay attention to the external repairs that you need to do.